How To Make My Small Living Room Look Larger?

Your living room is not very big, and you are looking for some tips to make it look larger than it is actually? So this honest How To Make My Small Living Room Look Larger article is really for you. Here I will introduce you some proven living room decoration tips, of course it is intentional for small-space living room. So let’s take a closer look.How To Make My Small Living Room Look Larger?

Add Some Mirrors

If you pay enough attention, you will find that designers tend to include mirrors strategically in narrow places and their purpose is to make them larger. So hanging a large mirror in the center place of your living room is one of the wisest way to bring feeling of being large. If you want something like light reflection or a nice ambiance, make space around it with light background, for example, you can place a pendent lamp or a candle in front of the mirror. It’s up to your kitchen’s design, but if possible, try designing the mirror across your window in order that it can reflect the view and show the image of another window.

Make The Eyes’ Upward Direction

Every rom comes with a vertical and a horizontal dimension. In case your living room is horizontally narrow but has a high ceiling, then take advantages of the upward space by decorating it in the way that makes the eye upward. Floor-to-ceiling design is a wise choice to reach this goal.

In addition to this, you can choose to fill the vertical space with a small or midsize menagerie of artwork. This decorating way can create the feeling that the room is large as because it makes the eyes “go” beyond the eye-level flat space.

Consider Some Neutral Colors

Using neutral colors for the main parts of the room, like the floor, the wall, ceiling or furniture area is also commonly chosen by users. An off-whites or beiges palette will help to enlarge the space as it appears to push the walls back. Another choice is soft hues. They make the room look lighter as it reflects light. And talking about neutral colors in general, rather than enlarger areas, they display direct sophistication and create a restful environment as well.Consider Some Neutral Colors

Choose Furniture Which Looks Lightweight

As your living room is small-spaced, when choosing furniture to decorate it, give priority to pieces which appear light in weight. This will be better suited for your room, in terms of size, color and design. And make a light feeling for your room, instead of making it look like being suffered from something too heavy for its smallness.

In term of color, choose pale colors rather than darker ones, and in term of design, consider the ones which come with legs rather than those which are in boxy design. One more, those which are made of glass are better than that of wooden because the material of glass allows you to see through the furniture and make a clearer space.

Think Of Small-Scale Furniture

The furniture which is light in weight, but large in size seems to do nothing good for your small room. So choose the pieces of furniture which are small-scale and don’t seem to dominate the space. For instance, a sofa in thin arms and a firmly padded back is better than the one in sizable arms and a multi-pillow back.

And if you find your space tight, do not need to add a couch, instead of that, you can choose between a loveseat or a coffee table with four chairs around. And when shopping for chairs, pick up the ones without arms because they do not occupy as much space as those with arms.

Bottom Lines

Yeah, which ideas among those above do you like most? And which one is applicable to your room? Yeah, all of them are helpful and really work, so if you have a small-spaced living room, follow them and your small room will look bigger, and not less beautiful that that of your neighbors.

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