How To Arrange Things In Your Kitchen?

You have too many things in your kitchen and do not know how to arrange thing neatly and conveniently to use? So this article is really for you. We are going to teach you how to arrange in your kitchen. Keep reading!How To Arrange Things In Your Kitchen

Getting started with the basic things

Things like silverwares are integral in a kitchen as it is place for preparing and having meals. Place the silverwares in the upper small drawer, next to the dishwasher (if you have) or the sink. This is for easier clean up. In an another case that you have an island kitchen, you can sometimes place the drawer of silverware in the island, but remember to keep a not-too-far distance with the main sink or the dishwasher. And if you are new to your kitchen without a drawer or island available, then I recommend purchasing a silverware organizer, it is not only convenient to use but also nice to look at. Personally, I like containers which look nice, both external and internal parts.

Daily Dishes

If you have another cabinet to store dishes and glassware, consider putting it at somewhere near the dishwasher, but in other way of the door. For example, if you stand at the sink and the dishwasher is on your right side, then your daily-used dishes and glasses should be on the left side of the dishwasher or the sink. In this case, you will get the dishwasher hidden behind the cabinet panel door.

If you do not have a cabinet while having much high storage space, then try a pantry cabinet to store your daily dishes. If you are even limited in space like this, then think about a piece of furniture in hutch style or a cabinets with glass front storage and place it on a naked wall. This addition may not be convenient to use due to the central place in the work triangle, it is nice in look and doesn’t take many steps to take and put the dishes. It, plus, doesn’t cost you much.

If you do not want to make an investment in a pantry cabinet, then drawer insert is worth trying for your small wall cabinet. This design is suited for a wide range of cabinet sizes and allows you to get the whole plates stack to lay the table.

If you still find something not fine with the suggestions above, then the final solution is to take off the doors of one of your cabinets. By this way, you can a bit open up the space while creating an attractive and easy-to-get design for your daily-used items.

Oversized Bowls, Cookbooks And Wine

If right above the fridge, you have a cabinet, then think of taking the doors off and inserting an extra shelf to keep cook books or even nice-looking cook bowls or a wine rack. This designed will save your space while keep your kitchen looking neat.cabinet Kitchen

Knives, Utensils, And Daily Spices

I highly recommend looking for one out of many amazing organizers on the market to store these things in your kitchen. The various sizes and styles will certainly fit your kitchen cabinets, regardless of its size or styles. This place is also ideal to put things like mixing bowls, large pots or small appliances, making no obstacle opening the shelves below the islands.

If you still one another suggestion, then you can try a wall-mounted knife bar. It is ideal to store knives without occupying much space. It can free up counter space or a drawer.

Oils, Vinegars, And Taller Spices

The best place to include these things in the cabinet on the right or left of the stove. Do not keep it somewhere far from your kitchen, you do not want to always walk to the pantry to take these items, right? If you are lucky to have cabinets between the stove and the sink and stove, then it will be ideal to include oils, vinegars and tall spices.

Pans and Pots

These two appliances should be placed in a place which is as near the stove as possible. Personally, I designed roll-out shelves opposite the drawers to keep these items. But it would be even better if you have a devoted lid drawer for the items.

If a cooktop is available in your kitchen, then it is ideal to place pans and pots under it. To the side is good if you have a range.

The island next the stove is also great. Unless you have an island, place the appliances in a cabinet which is perpendicular to you.Pans and Pots

Crockpot Dishes And Small Tools

Cabinets are ideal place to keep these items, or the Tupperware is also worth trying. If you get a blind corner available, it is ideal for heavier items – do not place light-weight items in it as they can fall over and tend to make stuck.

Dry Goods

A pantry is the best place for these goods. Do not load it in your wall cabinets just as they are empty!

Final Words

Above are some suggestions to put popular things in your kitchen. Hope that you can apply them to keep your kitchen not only convenient to use but also nice to look.

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