Essential Tools for Kitchen

You are going to shop for kitchen tools? So this honest article is really for you. Here we would like to reveal you some of basic tools for kitchen which are essential for easier, faster and more efficient cooking. Let’s take a closer look!

Essential Tools for Kitchen

1. Spoons, Ladles, And Similar Tools


Yeah, as you basically use this tool for soup serving, consider the one with larger “bowl” because it makes it easier to serve soups. In addition, choose the one with a bent handle at the top so that you can hook it on the pot’s side without it falling in.

Locking tongs

Look for the one with nonslip handles and pairs of scalloped tips as well because these features claim a steady grip. These tools are helpful to turn meats as well as toss vegetables in a skillet, you know it, right?.

Metal spatula

Choose the one with slim blade so that you can insert it below mild food like pancakes or cookies. An average-length blade cannot help in case of flipping or picking foods up at an awkward direction.

Rubber spatula

Along with a metal spatula, you should consider another item made of rubber. This one should be both firm enough to deal with heavy douches and flexible enough to reach the jar corners. One more suggestion is silicone units; they are heat-resistant and well-matched with pots.

Slipped Spoon

Choose the sturdy item with the handle made of stainless steel handle so that it won’t get too hot.


Look for a solid whisk in order that the food won’t get stuck inside. Furthermore, choose the one with thin wires for fine balance when it comes to whipping cream or egg whites.

2. Slicing Tools

Slicing Tools

Chef’s Knife

Pick up the knife having a blade measured between 8 and 9 inch and a thick and firm metal bolster which covers both the handle and the blade’s edge and can perform as a finger guard when being used. Last but not least, the knife needs to be comfortable enough for you to handle with your hand.

Garlic Press

Garlic is integral ingredients in many dishes, so a garlic press is worth buying for easier and faster preparation. To have the tool worked fine, choose the one which can deal with unpeeled cloves and is safe with dishwasher.


Yeah, it is recommended choosing a box grater which is available with 6 different functions, including shredding, shaving, dusting, and zesting. Look for the one whose handle is sturdy.

Kitchen Shears

Pick up a pair of shears with thin and fine tips along with roomy handles.

Lemon Press

The best option is the big one which can deal with not only lemons but also limes and that has ridges to grasp fruit better.

Microplane grater   

This tool is helpful for small jobs which require a proper grater, like zesting lemons, grating garlic, so on.  So pick up the item which has a razor-sharp and made of stainless steel.

Paring Knife

Choose the paring knife of which blade are between 3 and 4 inches because it is used for small works like peeling fruits, coring tomatoes…  the blade should be sturdy to extend through the handle.

Potato Masher

Consider the one with a curved head which allows you to reach even corners parts of other devices.

Serrated Bread knife

If you like nice pieces of sandwiches, so this tool is essential to include in your kitchen. Pick up the tool with a firm blade measured at least 8 inches and coming with an offset handle, allowing you to cut through sandwiches while not knocking your lumps on the cutting board.

Y-shaped Vegetable Peeler

This tool makes it easier for you to do gripping compared to a traditional swivel model. It is supposed to deal with difficult-to-peel foods like butternut squash and mangoes.

3. Other Equipment

Other Equipment


This is small but should-have item. Choose a standard item which used by waiters because it can help with opening beer and wine while taking up much less space in comparison with a two-armed model.

Measuring Cups

You should buy measuring cups for both dry and wet ingredients, separated. In case of dry ingredients, you will need at least a 1-cup measuring tool and for wet ingredients, you will need a 4-cup measuring tool.

Measuring Spoons

Choose the one in oval shape as they are likely to fit into spice jars.


An easy-to-set peppermill will help you o work from coarse to fine. Additionally, select the one with a large hole for easier peppercorn refilling.

Final Words

Above is a list of simple but effective tools that you should have in your kitchen. Some of them are so small that you sometimes forget, but they can help you do the job much easier, faster and better while do not cost you much. So let’s take a look at your kitchen to check what tools are in short then shops for them right now.

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