A Guide For Choosing an Efficient Juice Extractor in 2017


What type of juice extractor to choose?

To get juices rich in vitamins, choose to buy a best masticating juicer (juice extractor) with a slow rotation. The higher speed the juice extractor has, the more it creates heat, and the vitamins are extremely sensitive to heat. Choosing a juice extractor whose rotation is slow will minimize this phenomenon of loss of vitamins.

Many models and brands of juice extractors are available, however there are 3 types of juice extractors:

A Guide For Choosing an Efficient Juice Extractor in 2017

1. Horizontal juice extractors

Horizontal electric juice extractors, such as the Omega 8224 or 8226 juice extractor, have a horizontal extraction system. The motor is on one side and the pulp discharge outlet on the other and in between, a pressing screw and a sieve.

The neck allows the ingredients to be directed to the extraction screw, which presses them against the sieve to separate the juice from the pulp. The juice then flows directly below the sieve. The pulp is directed to the discharge outlet by the action of the screw.

Horizontal juicers have the advantage of being very versatile, of course making fruit and vegetable juices as well as herbal juices, pasta or even sorbets. It is such a great idea to buy a best wheatgrass juicer to enjoy a cup of herbal juice.

2. Vertical juice extractors

Vertical juice extractors allow you to produce your juices with a smaller footprint on your work surface.

The motor is at the base of the machine, topped by a bowl with two outlets at the base, one for the juice and the other for the pulp. Inside the bowl are the sieve and extraction screw and a rotating brush. Some juice extractors have a cap at the juice outlet, allowing you to mix different ingredients in your extraction bowl. It also makes it possible to make vegetal milks.

3. Manual juice extractors

Manual juice extractors have an similar extraction mechanism to the horizontal ones, except that the motor is replaced by a crank, allowing you to extract the juice without electricity. These devices can generally be attached to a work surface or any other support to stabilize the extraction. They are smaller, do not need electricity and are therefore easily transportable on holiday.

The manual juice extractor is an ecological and nomadic alternative to the electric juice extractor. Continue reading

Simple And Effective Methods In Making Home Cleaner


Cleaning the house is the problem of many people to handle the furniture in your family to be a very clean, especially the kitchen items or to handle stubborn stains. This article will introduce you some secrets to clean the house to save the energy, which is very simple and useful.

  • Do Not Delay

You must arrange a time, watch TV less. Making a habit to collect dirty clothes in the evening before going to bed clean as well as neatly arrange office before leaving. Just 5 minutes a day is good enough. Try to spend an hour every Saturday morning, you will find a complete surprise why you can do many things like that.

  • Clean Up In The Morning

It will not be good at all if you clean up in the evening when you are too tired and dazed. Morning is the time when you are alert and agile.

  • Find People To Cleanup

Cleaning a house is a hard work, which is very exhausting, because when it comes to home furnishings, you tend to have more emotion and recall memories. Ask your friends for help. You need someone to encourage when you start to feel discouraged. They have no emotional ties with their home furnishings, they should be more objective.

  • Changing Jobs

If you clean for two hours and almost could not continue, you need to take a minute to remind the less work, which has memories like cleaning the garage, for example. Change your cleaning job: Indoor – outdoor, mental work , you will feel easier. Continue reading

Essential Tools for Kitchen


You are going to shop for kitchen tools? So this honest article is really for you. Here we would like to reveal you some of basic tools for kitchen which are essential for easier, faster and more efficient cooking. Let’s take a closer look!

Essential Tools for Kitchen

1. Spoons, Ladles, And Similar Tools


Yeah, as you basically use this tool for soup serving, consider the one with larger “bowl” because it makes it easier to serve soups. In addition, choose the one with a bent handle at the top so that you can hook it on the pot’s side without it falling in.

Locking tongs

Look for the one with nonslip handles and pairs of scalloped tips as well because these features claim a steady grip. These tools are helpful to turn meats as well as toss vegetables in a skillet, you know it, right?.

Metal spatula

Choose the one with slim blade so that you can insert it below mild food like pancakes or cookies. An average-length blade cannot help in case of flipping or picking foods up at an awkward direction.

Rubber spatula

Along with a metal spatula, you should consider another item made of rubber. This one should be both firm enough to deal with heavy douches and flexible enough to reach the jar corners. One more suggestion is silicone units; they are heat-resistant and well-matched with pots.

Slipped Spoon

Choose the sturdy item with the handle made of stainless steel handle so that it won’t get too hot.


Look for a solid whisk in order that the food won’t get stuck inside. Furthermore, choose the one with thin wires for fine balance when it comes to whipping cream or egg whites. Continue reading

How To Make My Small Living Room Look Larger?


Your living room is not very big, and you are looking for some tips to make it look larger than it is actually? So this honest How To Make My Small Living Room Look Larger article is really for you. Here I will introduce you some proven living room decoration tips, of course it is intentional for small-space living room. So let’s take a closer look.How To Make My Small Living Room Look Larger?

Add Some Mirrors

If you pay enough attention, you will find that designers tend to include mirrors strategically in narrow places and their purpose is to make them larger. So hanging a large mirror in the center place of your living room is one of the wisest way to bring feeling of being large. If you want something like light reflection or a nice ambiance, make space around it with light background, for example, you can place a pendent lamp or a candle in front of the mirror. It’s up to your kitchen’s design, but if possible, try designing the mirror across your window in order that it can reflect the view and show the image of another window.

Make The Eyes’ Upward Direction

Every rom comes with a vertical and a horizontal dimension. In case your living room is horizontally narrow but has a high ceiling, then take advantages of the upward space by decorating it in the way that makes the eye upward. Floor-to-ceiling design is a wise choice to reach this goal.

In addition to this, you can choose to fill the vertical space with a small or midsize menagerie of artwork. This decorating way can create the feeling that the room is large as because it makes the eyes “go” beyond the eye-level flat space. Continue reading