A Guide For Choosing an Efficient Juice Extractor in 2017

What type of juice extractor to choose?

To get juices rich in vitamins, choose to buy a best masticating juicer (juice extractor) with a slow rotation. The higher speed the juice extractor has, the more it creates heat, and the vitamins are extremely sensitive to heat. Choosing a juice extractor whose rotation is slow will minimize this phenomenon of loss of vitamins.

Many models and brands of juice extractors are available, however there are 3 types of juice extractors:

A Guide For Choosing an Efficient Juice Extractor in 2017

1. Horizontal juice extractors

Horizontal electric juice extractors, such as the Omega 8224 or 8226 juice extractor, have a horizontal extraction system. The motor is on one side and the pulp discharge outlet on the other and in between, a pressing screw and a sieve.

The neck allows the ingredients to be directed to the extraction screw, which presses them against the sieve to separate the juice from the pulp. The juice then flows directly below the sieve. The pulp is directed to the discharge outlet by the action of the screw.

Horizontal juicers have the advantage of being very versatile, of course making fruit and vegetable juices as well as herbal juices, pasta or even sorbets. It is such a great idea to buy a best wheatgrass juicer to enjoy a cup of herbal juice.

2. Vertical juice extractors

Vertical juice extractors allow you to produce your juices with a smaller footprint on your work surface.

The motor is at the base of the machine, topped by a bowl with two outlets at the base, one for the juice and the other for the pulp. Inside the bowl are the sieve and extraction screw and a rotating brush. Some juice extractors have a cap at the juice outlet, allowing you to mix different ingredients in your extraction bowl. It also makes it possible to make vegetal milks.

3. Manual juice extractors

Manual juice extractors have an similar extraction mechanism to the horizontal ones, except that the motor is replaced by a crank, allowing you to extract the juice without electricity. These devices can generally be attached to a work surface or any other support to stabilize the extraction. They are smaller, do not need electricity and are therefore easily transportable on holiday.

The manual juice extractor is an ecological and nomadic alternative to the electric juice extractor.

Advantage of juice extractors

Whatever the juice extractor used, the vitamins in the juice will oxidize in air and light. However, with some juice extractors, it is possible to obtain a shelf life of more than 12 hours without having a great loss of vitamins.

To keep fresh juice in the best possible way, it is recommended to pour it in a glass-tight container preferably and then to place it in the refrigerator because the cold and the darkness will slow down the process of degradation of the vitamins present in the juice.

On average, a juice loses almost all of its vitamins after 12 hours.

Multi-value of juice extractors

Multi-value of juice extractors

Even if the juicer offers several functions, its main purpose is to make fresh juices of fruits and vegetables and possibly grass. Omega juice extractors VRT352 and Juicepresso are specialized for making good fresh juices.

Some models are versatile and allow to make other preparations such as almond milk.

Manual juice extractors, such as the Z Star 710 from Tribest, as well as horizontal juice extractors are perfectly suited for grass juices.

The Kuvings Juice Extractor allows you to make fruit juices, vegetables, herbal juices and more ‘fibrous’ foods. Simply cut them into small pieces for optimal extraction of these foods.

Vertical juice extractors equipped with a juice cap will allow you to keep juice from the extractor to make juice mixes thereafter. This hood is very useful for mixing different foods within the bowl, which makes it possible to obtain juices with more taste!

Discover the Omega Vertical Extractor VRT402, the VSJ 843, the Hurom HG 2G and the Hurom HH which are equipped with a juice cap.

This cap, attached to the juice outlet, allows the production of nut milks. All you have to do is pre-soak your seeds overnight before passing them through the apparatus, and alternate an equal amount of water and seeds. The juice cap allows pre-cleaning of the bowl between two uses. Just keep it closed and pour water by operating the appliance.

The Kuvings B9000 juice extractor is also equipped with the juice cap, for an unrivaled versatility on a vertical device!

Juicepresso Plus extractor from Jupiter, thanks to an additional sieve, also makes it possible to prepare smooth smoothies. The device also benefits from the technology of the juice cap, which allows to mix well the flavors, and to realize vegetal milks! The unit is equipped with a 3-in-1 extraction unit, which will facilitate the assembly, as well as the cleaning of the extractor.

The Kuvings B9000, with the optional smoothie kit, allows you to make smoothies, but also nectars, fruit and vegetable purees, and even oilseed purees!

Horizontal juice extractors are versatile appliances and will allow you to make various preparations (fresh pasta, sorbets) thanks to their homogenization function.

The Omega 8224/8226 horizontal juicer, Solostar 3, Solostar 4, Hurom Chef GH and the Sana 606 and 707 are equipped with a solid sieve that gives the possibility of making purees, sorbets, or Still fresh pasta. The Greenstar GS1000 or the Greenstar Elite can be equipped with a pasta kit (sold separately), which will allow you to make fresh pasta.

A juicer can be attached to your juicer to transform it into an electric juicer. This accessory is only compatible with the Hurom HH and HG 2nd generation vertical juice extractors as well as with the Omega VSJ843.

The juicer can be mounted easily on the base of the juice extractor instead of the bowl, allowing you to enjoy the performance of a slow-rotating juicer for orange juice, lemon juice , Grapefruit, … rich in vitamins.

The citrus juicer kit consists of the citrus juicer and a strainer that allows you to filter the pulp and seeds.

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